Regent to Invade Jakarta

Tech & biz10 January 2019

By Larasati Oetomo

Regent to Invade Jakarta

As a veteran player in hospitality, Regent has no intention to back off from their superproject: Regent residences and hotel Jakarta.

Located inside Mangkuluhur City complex, exactly in the heart of Jakarta, Regent appeared as a tranquil haven for the urban trotters. After a long development process, the building is now fully-finished and ready to take on 2020 luxury housing market. At time being, 45% of all units are already sold. When it comes to market, they are targeting those who focus on interesting investment value and convenient way of living.

Taking the baton of Regent’s decades of experience in hospitality, Regent Residence Jakarta aims to reinvent the true classics through their landscape and services. Instead of focusing on designing “the most beautiful and luxurious” penthouse in Jakarta, the suite will offer the most convenient services for their residents comparable with international 5-star hotel services. Even so, they keep their residents living privately with facilities dedicated to the apartment’s residents only.

Regent is generous when it comes to fostering accessibility to home owners. Two of their most popular units—the 251sqm apartment and 500sqm mansion—cover numerous bedrooms, entertainment room, furnishings, plus a private swimming pool for mansion owners. All rooms are carefully connected to make sure every room has perfect outside view.

When it comes to design, Regent preserves their timeless signature mixed with contemporary Asian touch. One can see Colonial-era European style that combines well with instillation of Asian authentic symbols.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Regent