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Tooth Fairies

Wellness03 April 2017

By Kelly Beatrix & Listya Manopo

Tooth Fairies

Dreaming of having healthy and pearly teeth does not seem impossible in this hi-tech era. There’s no limit in advanced technology, especially when it comes to dental cosmetic as it has grown and improved over time. And it becomes more popular for people to not only take care of their appearance but also their teeth. Some would even try everything to make their teeth whiter, from DIY all-natural to those teeth whitening products. It is because white teeth not only elevate your look but also your confidence.

Pure Dental Aesthetic has offered a solution help one get healthy, white teeth, with its signature products of try-on veneers that help whiten your teeth in just a 60-minute procedure. The leading dental cosmetics clinic, which is located at Jl. Haji Salami, is the first in Asia that offers this instant veneer, using the state-of-the-art digital system completed with a 3D scanner, 3D printer and digital smile design software. This cutting-edge technology may give you a life time experience of getting a dazzling smile.

Dental experts Drg. Edward and Drg. Ian, who specialize in Periodontology and Orthodontics respectively, are the brains behind this modern clinic, teaming up with Dr. Devi to eliminate dreadful normal dental experience. Pure Dental Aesthetic is the answer to having great dental appearance and many kinds of ‘smiles’ that you want without reducing the enzyme or damaging your teeth.