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BOCA RICA: A Spanish Charm

Wine & Dine14 February 2019

By Annisa Laksmintari

BOCA RICA: A Spanish Charm

This stylish eatery brings the vivid vibes of Barcelona to your next gastronomy outing within the comfort of a top-tier lounge in the heart of Jakarta.

Boca Rica, meaning delicious or rich mouth, is certain to provide a mouthful of flavors with their enticing menu of cutting-edge Spanish favorites fused with south-east Asian tastes. The star is of course, tapas or ‘small plates’, which can be found at the authentic Tapas Bar. Try the best-selling Bisteca Y Juevos, or the crowd favorite Aged Beef. The Meat and Mains menu offers a number of hunger-satisfying meals including the savory Spaghetti Roast Beef, while the Soup, Salad and Dessert menu includes a variety of items to accompany your meal.

An exquisite island bar is the centerpiece of the space, right underneath the second-floor private mezzanine. Order up; signature cocktails high in demand include the refreshing fruit-dominated #8 (‘Numero Ocho’), the rose tea puree infused Mi Chica, and the tasty Los Padres. The mocktail Agri Dulce is a great choice for those who prefer a tangy blast with a slight bitter twist.

With a drink in hand and a delicious meal on the table, it’s time to sit back on the plush leather seats and revel in the distinctive ambience of the spacious establishment. It’s almost impossible to overlook the colorful murals that adorn the walls of the Tapas Bar and Lounge. Apart from being the perfect background to your snapshots, the contemporary compositions light up and complement the otherwise subtle elements of wood and muted gold. In the far corner of the lounge, the DJ and band stage hosts music performance and 3D mapping artwork, completing the entire dining experience with spectacular entertainment.

BOCA RICA Tapas Bar and Lounge

Mangkuluhur City, Lobby Crowne Plaza

Jalan Gatot Subroto, No Kav 2-3

Karet Semanggi, Jakarta 12930

​+6221 5220730

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