YSL Beauty Hotel in Indonesia
Larasati Oetomo
03 October 2018

Early in fall, high-end beauty brand Yves Saint Laurent Beauté presented their latest yet innovation, namely the YSL Beauty Hotel.

The “hotel” stood tall in several metropolitan cities in the world, including Paris, New York City, Hong Kong, and Seoul. During the special event, guests get to experience beauty workshops and testing the latest products from the brand inside the dreamy lounge.

They call the place as “hotel” for a good reason—there is a receptionist desk upfront and some rooms with queen-size beds in it. With glowing-in-the-dark neon embellishment and Black Opium fragrance filling the air, there’s nothing better than having an ultimate relaxation. For better experience, they also got rooftop café in the New York City chain.

Here’s the million-dollar question: will we get to experience the same indulgence in Indonesia? Believe us, it's more than likely now because L'Oreal Indonesia just announced the upcoming arrival of YSL Beauty Hotel on November 10, 2018! Curious cats have already registered in late September to be given the once-in-a-lifetime experience. Registered guests will be given QR code to check in.

When the event takes place, it would be an exquisite way to welcome their new make-up ambassador. She is no other than the rising star Kaia Gerber, whom the label said to represent “young beauty that incarnates an entire generation”. The 17-year old recently got announced by YSL Beauté to represent the brand’s playful and edgy energy.


PHOTOS Courtesy of YSL / L’Oréal