We Find the Perfect Gift for Men
Sandra Jasmine Firyal
20 October 2017

To celebrate the holiday season, Ermenegildo Zegna presented the Zegna’s Toyz Collection.

As 2017 gets older, we are approaching big holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas. The upcoming holiday season might be a stressful time of the year when it comes to finding a perfect gift—mostly when it comes to our spouse, brother, or father. Sometimes it gets hard to predict what men crave for. Well, some says boys will be boys. Regardless of their age, men always need love to… play games. So why not give them some toys?

Childish? No, not quite so. Worry not about wrapping toys as gifts, as the folks at Ermenegildo Zegna already contemplated the perfect gifts and toys for men called Zegna's Toyz Collection. The collection consists of innovative woven leather fabric made from extremely thin strips of micro leather in place of fabric yarns.

Featuring a variety of items dedicated to the modern man are a valet box, a business card case, and a sunglasses case. Then, there are typical board games for travel play, which include a domino set, a playing card set, and a game cube.

Zegna also offers “Technological” series of multimedia accessories, such as headphones and speakers created in collaboration with Master & Dynamic, a premium audio brand known for its sophisticated sound tools.

PHOTO Ermenegildo Zegna