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Timun Mas: The Exhibition

Fashion04 January 2019

By Larasati Oetomo

Timun Mas: The Exhibition

“Fashion show? What fashion show?” Chitra Subyakto asked. The Founder and Creative Director of Sejauh Mata Memandang has a better idea to showcase her work.

The latest collection of local ready-to-wear brand Sejauh Mata Memandang titled “Timun Mas” has been blessing our eyes with an art exhibition. Held at Senayan City level 1 since early November 2018, the hall is magically turned into labyrinth of fabric art. The exhibition is set to conclude in early January but thanks to our enthusiasm, Subyakto decided to extend the due date to 19 January 2019.

Inspired by her favorite childhood story the “Timun Mas” (Golden Cucumber, red.), Subyakto is instilling symbols and artifacts from the folktale into works ranging from neckerchief, dress, to footwear and story book. The brand succeeds to improve the presence of the products with their properly staged art exhibition.

As you enter the hall, you will see fabric “stalactites” hanging everywhere, creating a sense of entering a cave. Some of the stalactites are plain, while others are dyed in batik prints. In one corner, you’re going to witness an “instagrammable” space with couches to take some nice pictures. On the wall, you’ll be reminded of your school day DIY wallpaper as it is filled by photographs from Sejauh Mata Memandang’s latest fashion editorial featuring Mariana Dantec.

The illustrated Timun Mas story book is one of the most appealing highlights from the exhibition. Made by fabric and tinted in dreamy colors, the books are sold to fund raise for Yayasan Dian Sastro. The whole exhibition, in other words, is a collaborative work of many prominent figures behind it. Along with Dian Sastro, Tulus, Davy Linggar, and Petra Sihombing also joined Chitra Subyakto to realize the exhibition.

Regarding her decision to display her works as an art exhibition instead of a fashion show, Subyakto explained that the runway is a show that belongs to only selected few of people and will end in just 20 minutes. Instead of having a fashion show, she’d like to tell a story many can enjoy.

The exhibition is open for public every day from 10AM-10PM.

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