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Sebastian Gunawan is Blossoming

Fashion06 February 2018

By Larasati Oetomo

Sebastian Gunawan is Blossoming

Sebastian Gunawan and Cristina Panarese welcome Chinese New Year and the upcoming spring season with an exclusive collection for the Sebastian Gunawan main line.

In a fashion show in Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place (5/2), the designers showcased 63 looks from a collection called “Blissful Blossom”. The series adapt oriental philosophy derived from Chinese garden where Liang Lie trees grow, bringing growth, balance, and harmony.

Cristina Panarese & Sebastian Gunawan

 A lot of classic Chinese gimmicks like natural landscape, koi fish, lifeboat, and house are brought to life in the collection, which is known to symbolize prosperity.  The Canine Year is celebrated to color palette of green, blue, maroon, black, and rustic gold. In a glimpse, the pieces are identical to blossoming new beginnings, as seen in the use of embroidered and beaded flowers, as well as synthetic furs that become the identity of the line.

Gunawan and Panarese beautifully crossed the line between eastern and western influence by combining identical cuts of European night gown with Far-East contours like cheongsam neckline. The hybrid silhouette can be seen in many forms from night gown to jacket, all blossoming in crystals, beads, and sequin.

PHOTOS Sebastian Gunawan