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Picking Xmas Gift in 5 Minutes

Wellness19 December 2017

By Larasati Oetomo

Picking Xmas Gift in 5 Minutes

Picking just the right Christmas is sometimes burdensome. There’s so many to consider while on the other hand, the time just isn’t enough to prepare a well-thought present.

However, we cannot ruin the joyous season by giving a general and well-expected gifts for some personal relations. Cake or cookies? Expectable. Watches or jewelries? Sometimes these are too much. A sweater? That’s pretty much acceptable, but only from older relatives to younger ones. What can we do then?

There’s actually a simple hack on picking the right gift for the right person. The key lies on our personal relationship with the receiver. Secondly, we need to consider their occupation or main traits. When we already know these, we just need to put some potential gifts into category based on that.

Here’s our 5-minute well-thought gifts we can pick at once for a memorable, personalized moment to endear with loved ones.

CLOSE FRIENDS: Trivial Goods with Sense of Identity

LEFT-RIGHT : FORSANETTI Ortensia Rose, Iris and Orange Blossom scented candle & SLIP Embroidered silk eye mask

Often we just need to pay attention to their hobby and pick simple goods that do not always need to be functional, but symbolizes one or more parts of him/her. A scented candle of their favorite scent is enough, mostly when it’s beautifully-crafted like FORSANETTI Ortensia Rose, Iris and Orange Blossom scented candle. Embroidered silk eye-mask also suits those who travel often.



LEFT-RIGHT : KLAUS PORTO Mini Soap Gift Box & SUSAN KAUFMAN Gold Holiday Calendar

Creating the impression of hospitality is important – pick only essential goods in bigger number and wrap them beautifully. KLAUS PORTO Mini Soap Gift Box is not only an essential household, but looking good in a box as well. For personal colleague, a little surprise in Susan Kaufman’s Gold Holiday Calendar will impress them good.

PARTNER: Things to Carry Everyday

LEFT-RIGHT : Light Gucci Coco Capitn logo modal silk shawl & LUXE Romantic Getaway Giftset

It is nice to give something both beautiful and functional for female partners, but still looking simple and unexpected. For the imaginative women, a box of LUXE books of Romantic Getaway gift set fits like a Cinderella’s glass footwear. GUCCI’s Coco Capitan Logo silk shawl is also a versatile companion for female counterparts.

LEFT-RIGHT : DSQUARED2 Deer buckle belt & BURBERRY Textured-leather and checked coated-canvas cardholder

For male partners, be sure of the specific things he likes such as patterns, brands, or other trivial-yet-cool things. Along with that premise, something with daily functionality is also important. Nobody can deny Burberry’s textured-leather and canvas cardholder, or a cool belt from DSquared2.

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