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Lini Skincare Spanyol MartiDerm Menghadirkan Sunscreen Menarik

Beauty16 June 2022

By Jasmine Ayunda

Lini Skincare Spanyol MartiDerm Menghadirkan Sunscreen Menarik

Hadirkan tabir surya yang tidak hanya melawan jahatnya sinar UV matahari, tetapi juga menghambat penuaan dini.

Tak hanya dikenal luas berkat ampoule-nya yang terkonsentrasi, produk favorit dari Martiderm pun tersohor karena penggunaan Vitamin C serta Proteoglycan murni yang merupakan bahan menjanjikan untuk meraih wajah yang cerah, bercahaya, dan tentunya sehat.

Di Indonesia sendiri. Martiderm telah hadir di Ibukota pada tahun 2020, namun MartiDerm tidak bisa menyelenggarakan pembukaan besarnya karena pandemi yang terjadi. Kini di tahun 2022, membuat acara yang luar biasa untuk peluncuran sunscreen baru mereka.

Termasuk lini "The Originals" mereka, Proteos Screen SPF 50+ tidak hanya melindungi wajah dari sinar matahari, tetapi juga dari Blue Light yang berasal dari ponsel, laptop, atau perangkat elektronik lainnya. Dipercaya dengan bahan-bahan mumpuni dan fungsinya sebagai penjaga dari Sinar UV juga Blue Light, tabir surya ini pun dapat menjadi salah satu produk anti-aging. HighEnd mendapat kehormatan untuk melakukan wawancara eksklusif dengan International Managing Director MartiDerm, Maurizio Doria yang hadir dari Spanyol untuk menghadiri pesta peluncuran megah ini.

HighEnd (HE) : What attracted you to work in the beauty business?
Maurizio (MD) : To be honest, if I give you a little bit of a background of my career, I used to be a lawyer. I had a little bit of experience in law, but I found that it was not enough fun for me. So I got more into business and when going into business, I started in the cement industry. You can imagine how far away it is, I was working for construction sites and so on.

One day I popped into a close friend of mine who used to work in the beauty industry and I said to them that I need a more dynamic, motivating thing, and something that has something to do with projects where you see things unfolding, growing, and that's the beauty industry. Ever since, I've not had one boring day of work in my life.

Why? Because beauty speaks for itself. It’s always evolving. There's always new things in the market, a new trend, new news, new ingredients, concepts, new products that keep you on your toes in term of competition. That's what gets me out of bed, it keeps me on the rodeo ride.

HE : What makes MartiDerm products so special?
MD : The thing in which we have been renowned with history is the ampoule, and the freshness of the Vitamin C. Which is a detoxifier, it is an antioxidant and it is probably the best antioxidant that exists in the market. The additional thing in our brand is that it is fresh and pure, as pure as a cosmetic product can be named. Combined with the Proteoglycan which is a very strong hydrating agent, it becomes a revolutionary formula that in the times of Marti Tor (Our Founder) was discovered, and the new generations in the company have brought newer formulas and technologies that are up-to-date. That's one of the chapters, another chapter is our de-pigmentation, because they are good depigmenting products. Finally which are our suncare products, the one that we mentioned during the exposition. Also we also have good anti-hairloss lotion and serum, which is an industry that we are getting more and more into.

HE : What are your favorite MartiDerm products that you could recommend to the Indonesian market?
MD : Well, I am a little biased with the products I use because I like them so much. I like the skin complex advanced line which is an excellent anti-aging product, i call it the age reverter. Also the Proteo Skin that we are launching recently today, it is also a very good product. Why do I say so? It's because when I'm out and about to do some sport, the product fits perfectly to avoid eye itching, does not hurt the eyes, sweat effects that create strokes of the lotion. It has got microencapsulated ingredients especially in the sun filters. The product gets deep into your skin so the sweat doesn't bring it out, it doesn't stain you, or it doesn't go into your eyes. So those are my favorite products, I can say it's a top notch product.

HE : What are your expectations on bringing MartiDerm to Indonesia?
MD : I would divide that into short, mid, and long term targets. The short term goal is to bring into Indonesia our products through PT. Kharisma Sukses Persada which is an excellent partner and they know the business, they know how to do the thing. Another goal for the short term would be to make the customers and consumers in Indonesia to experience the goodness of our products, formulas, and to help us build a community within.

Mid-term goal would be to expand, not just in Jakarta but the rest of Indonesia. I would say that in the long-term, we could develop products that could fit every time with the specific needs of the people in that time span. At present, with the experience that we have with Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, also in Korea which is a very demanding market. Let alone China, the products are very well fit for Asian skin, and for the weather in the region and so forth.