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Balmain Virtual Army

Fashion04 September 2018

By Selarashita Lufingga

Balmain Virtual Army

Here in the digital era, let us welcome these three beautiful yet bold ladies to be amazed with. Meet Margot, Shudu, and Zhi—the new virtual army for Balmain who front the Pre-Fall 2018 campaign of the French fashion house.

The campaign is created by photographer Cameron - James Wilson and "styled" by CLO Virtual Fashion, which actualized hyperrealistic, 3D garment simulations. Oh, did we mention the word "virtual"? Here goes the interesting part from the news.

You may say they are far from real, but the purpose behind it is indeed non-fictional. Olivier Rousteing is known for his strong advocate for diversity as he always deliver heterogeneity to the industry. By this means, these three immaculate fictional women are not just a new Army for Balmain, but they also represent a melange of cultures.

The phenomenon is undeniably giving a rise to the world of modeling, ever since 2017 when a self-taught British photographer created Shudu as the first ever virtual model. This has been a move of Rousteing as he is always focusing the house to be at the forefront of digital era.

The virtual characters are inspired by many elements and music icons. Zhi is a Chinese beauty who has short hair and is inspired after David Bowie. Meanwhile Margot is a French girl whom little Olivier dreams of. Then, we have the the elegant yet fierce Shudu. Each of these girls is unique in their own way, embodying the beauty and confidence of Balmain woman.

This move is not just for entertainment as Rousteing once said on the interview, “ I love the fact that Michael Jackson was really inclusive and, you know, thats what Im trying to do with the virtual reality army: different beauty, shapes, ages, and genders. This is the beginning of what it will mean to present diversity in the world.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Balmain