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Who Went No Makeup this August

Profile21 August 2017

By Editorial Team

Who Went No Makeup this August

Special from the inside our beauty edition this August, seven wonderful women join our list of Natural Beauty Parade. They are Maudy Koesnaedi, Elizabeth & Maria Rahajeng, Ayla Dimitri, Valerie Krasnadewi & Veronika Krasnasari, and Laila Munaf. Here we brought to you some beautiful snaps of these beauties - with no make-up on.


As an influencer, Ayla Dimitri is expected to look gorgeous most of the time. But when asked to put makeup away for the photoshoot, she shows us another side of her; a courageous woman who lets her beauty radiate on its own, even with the flaws she might have.


Busied with her upcoming musical theater project, “Babe”, slated for next month, she still manages to look ravishing, inside and out. Not only does Maudy Koesnaedi impress with her raw beauty, but also her slightest gesture that exudes effortless charm.


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PHOTO: Rudi Sulistya (@banucatra) for HIGHEND

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