Warna Warna For the Disabled

Event04 September 2018

By Robin Boy

Warna Warna For the Disabled

Supporting people with physical disabilities, jazz singer Andien Aisyah aspires to change the public’s view on them.

Andien Aisyah, Indonesia’s veteran jazz singer is holding a special exhibition dubbed “Warna-Warna”. As a part of her latest single release with the same name, the exhibition aims to raise public awareness for the disabled. Collaborating with Art Therapy Center (ATC) Widyatama, an art education institution, the mother of one successfully makes her idea of having an exhibition comes to fruition.

Through this commendable event, the 33-year old lady wants people to see the disabled from a whole new perspective. Instead of seeing them as people with special needs, she prefers to see them as unique people with special skills. Both her latest single and exhibition are also named Warna-Warna for a reason. Just like the diverse-colored rainbow, she wants to show that everyone, including the disabled, has their own special color to show.

Held at Dia.Lo.Gue art space, the event was attended by 14 students from ATC Widyatama with a total of 62 artworks created by them. Most of the students’ artworks are made through a process that will help increase their behavioral skills. All of them will be trained as they are encouraged to concentrate, tolerate, communicate, and hone their fine motoric skills while making profound artworks.

Having Andien as its official ambassador since late 2017, Lenovo also takes part in the exhibition by donating three laptops whose covers will be designed by the students. Later on, those designed laptop covers are going to be auctioned and the money will be fully given to ATC Widyatama.

Warna-Warna Exhibition is held from 29th August until 9th September and will also be open for general public from 10am to 6pm.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Dia.Lo.Gue