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The Sweetest Escape

Tech & biz05 November 2018

By Adelia Ayu

The Sweetest Escape

Inspired by lack of decent pictures in sweet holiday moments, SweetEscape provides great holiday pictures around the globe while connecting people through it.

SweetEscape has been every globetrotter’s favorite for the past few years. They successfully proved that you don’t need that ugly selfie-stick anymore. Their mission is to provide tangible reminders to keep the memories stay forever in their customers mind. This notable digital-based company is founded by David Soong, the Founder & CEO of SweetEscape.

The idea of SweetEscape sparked when he traveled with his family to Paris. “Although I’m a photographer, it was ironic that I didn’t have any decent picture during that trip”, he said. This issue led him to think about how nice it is to connect with local photographers around the world who can take good pictures and provide best touring tips on how to experience the city. Through these ‘local friends’ (SweetEscape’s nickname for their local photographers – red), they preserve client’s memories easier through high-quality pictures.

“Before digital era, people preferred to keep their life private; nowadays people tend to share more. Safe to say, digital era has reshaped the consumer behavior,” explain him on how the company cope on with recent digital era. “Our app is optimized for convenient and instinctive use. Clients can book photographers worldwide in less than two minutes and download the photos in 3 business days after the photo session is done,” adds him.

Catering international clients including Indonesia, SweetEscape plans to set up dedicated local team in Southeast Asia. SweetEscape wants to be an Indonesian-born company that goes global by expanding their team to Philippines and targeting Thailand and South Korea as the next market. “We think every business has their unique selling points. We thrive from client’s social media referral through high qualities photos taken in every part of the world. This is something we strive to provide”.


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