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“Terlahir Kembali” Profil Gladys, Bintang Cover HighEnd Magazine Januari 2021

Profile29 January 2021

By Listya Manopo

“Terlahir Kembali” Profil Gladys, Bintang Cover HighEnd Magazine Januari 2021

Ada keuntungan sendiri memiliki platform yang sudah tersedia apabila bekerja di bidang bisnis, karena yang perlu dilakukan hanya menjual produk.

"There's a certain advantage to being privileged, pursuing things like a business becomes a little bit easier, since you already have a platform laid out for you—all really you need to do is sell."

But then again, here's the thing: Not everyone has a vision that could make a business stand the test of time. Many brands fizzle out after a year or even a few months, like they didn't even happen. However, we have reason to believe that Surabaya-based female entrepreneur, Gladys, has what it takes to stand against everything.

Personifying elegance and glamor with a personality that is larger than life, Gladys, looks to the future and shares her passion for expanding her enterprises and making an epic comeback in society. HighEnd had the chance to meet and listen to her story.

How are you doing? We hope you and your family are fine.

My family and I are doing well, thank you very much. I am still working and running my companies, so it’s business as always. Even so, I never forget to follow health protocols to keep myself, my family and my employees safe.

In this pandemic era, what changes are you experiencing in your daily routine?

Changes are absolutely inevitable. Business-wise, I make good use of technology by having my meetings virtually, doing events virtually and many more. I am also more or less chained to my hometown Surabaya, as I find it more comfortable being close to home.

For my family, it’s actually a plus since I have more time to spend at home, especially for my children since they are also forced to study online for school. Whatever the situation is, we never forget to be grateful that we’re all safe and sound, and most importantly, together.

What makes you become interested in the world of beauty product business?

I started my career as a Sales Promotion Girl (SPG) for a cosmetic brand that has only sold dozens of beauty products. Since makeup and beauty products are my favorite, I love doing that job despite all the difficulties that came along my way. I sold my products around town while riding on my rental motorcycle.

As if the universe heard my wishes, I inherited a cosmetic recipe from my late boss’ family and afterwards I started selling the cosmetic as my own since then, while continuously working on the formula to achieve the best one. When I started to taste the sweet side of success, several problems came and they made me want to cut my dream off and stop the career that I had paved.

As an ordinary human being, giving up is the first thing that came onto my mind at that point. But, I also think that this is the point of no return where it will be a waste to throw all these things away while I had reached half of the step to success. I am firm believer on great results that always came after hard work.

As someone who runs a beauty business, what is the biggest impact you feel during this global pandemic?

Of course we also experience the huge impact of this pandemic, but we strive to turn it into something challenging that makes us think innovatively and creatively. One of them is trying out business opportunities in other fields.

We also feel so thankful that we still have the chance to improve. We are preparing to open the biggest the biggest beauty clinic in Surabaya in January 2021, which is called KLT The Aesthetic Clinic.

Everyone must have experienced the ups and downs of life. What do you do to overcome it?

For me, my family is my biggest support system. My parents, my husband and my children.

When I’m facing problems, either in business or something else, my family is always the first to help me rise again with their prayers and support. They have given me the biggest strength in my career all this time.

What does success mean to you?

Success for me is when I can impart wisdom and inspire other people, when I can be fair-minded as a businesswoman, and when I can manage my time well between being a businesswoman, a mother and a wife.

Welcoming 2021, with a new spirit to tackle new challenges, I will keep chasing my dreams to be successful at work and at home with my family.

What are your hopes and dreams that you still want to achieve in the future?

I am planning to open a cut make trim (CMT) cosmetics and pharmacy factory in Balaraja Banten named PT Eternity Medic Indonesia which will be operational this January, as well as opening new branches of KLT Aesthetic Clinics in Tebet and Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta. Moreover, I have just announced the grand opening of my café, the Deckside Lounge Bar, located at One East Residence, Surabaya.

What valuable lesson have you learned so far in life?

I learned the hard way that wherever I stand, however high I have achieved our dreams, I should never forget my family and always be humble.

What are your wishes for 2021?

I wish that all my companies and the economy can rise again. Not only in one field, but all of them, so that we can grow together and inspire each other. I also wish to venture into other businesses, and have a more solid team in the future.

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Sumber Foto: Hariono Halim