Princess Diana Fashion Twin

Fashion24 July 2018

By Larasati Oetomo

Princess Diana Fashion Twin

Since firstly introduced as Prince Harry’s bride-to-be, all eyes turned to Meghan Markle and her ladylike fashion taste.

The Duchess of Sussex is known to be reason behind some of fashion items’ dramatic sold-out, including the iconic Strathberry midi tote bag she wore during her visit on World AIDS Day. As she was once an actress, Markle showed “wilder” and more “experimentative” side in her daily outfits. She can wear a simple black dress one evening, and then rocking the leather jacket paired with her messy buns.

Some may ask, “Where did she get her sense of fashion?” We date back to 30 years ago to learn about her “quirky-yet-classy” fashion statement. And yes, it feels almost like a déjà vu to find out that some of her looks channeled her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana of Wales.

Diana is not only a game-changer in British Royal tradition for her down-to-earth and careless attitude, but for her fashion influence as well. Fellow royal Kate Middleton is a prominent heiress of her, who is often seen channeling some of Diana’s most iconic looks.

Unlike her sister, Markle has the more masculine, casual side of Diana in terms of dressing-up. She can be seen in simple white t-shirt and shredded denim or pairing tuxedo with cigarette trousers at an evening ball. We collected the seven times Meghan Markle handles Princess Diana’s fashion legacy well:


It is pretty unconventional for female members of the royal family to wear androgynous apparel, but both Diana and Meghan pulled that look beautifully.


Both of them are prominent fans of wide lapels and oversized coats for formal visits.


Some of Lady Di’s most memorable dresses are pink—from fuchsia to soft pink. The bateau neckline dress worn by the American woman successfully channeled Diana’s grace.


During her early days as soon-to-be member of the Kingdom, Markle popularized the Burberry plaid coats, which reminded us of Lady Di’s green tartan coat during the 80s.


Denim is everyone’s best friend—including the princess. During her casual activities, Diana Spencer often mixed a pair of jeans with tees, leather jacket, and t-shirt. Markle effortlessly looked as good during the Invictus Game with similar outfits.


Remember the time when Diana was criticized for wearing an above-the-knee-length dress?  We did. And even 5 years before joining the family, the Suits actress already pulled the similar black lace dress look. Even funnily, years after that, Kate Middleton also wore the same dress Markle had back then!


Flower pattern is one of Lady Di’s closet regulars.  No wonder that when the Duchess of Sussex wore that Oscar de La Renta floral dress in a wedding party, she reminded us of the late princess’ tunic during her visit to Saudi Arabia.