PFW 2019: Eccentric Accessories

Fashion01 October 2018

By Robin Boy

PFW 2019: Eccentric Accessories

A little bit of peculiar accessories can sometimes help boosting the overall outfit. In Paris Fashion Week, it is something you’ll see quite often.

Giant luxury fashion brands were going all out in Paris Fashion Week to show what they got. From Gucci to Loewe, they show no sign of hesitation to embrace their one-of-a-kind collections. In fact, some surprising and uncommon accessories were seen during the runway and became one of the hottest topics of the night.


Alessandro Michele was not shying away from showing his love for Disney characters. The 46-year old creative director took Paris Fashion Week as a chance to showcase yet another unique design. This time, along with the celebration of Mickey’s 90th birthday this November, Gucci showed off a Mickey Mouse handbag shaped just like the iconic mouse’s head. It may be surprising for others, but for Gucci, it’s just another chance to express their idiosyncratic work.


During the runway, Issey Miyake was seen displaying lots of unique headwear, but there’s one that grabbed people’s attentions the most. It is no other than the distinctively gigantic straw hat. With the new fabrication called Dough Dough, the hat might look stiff and hard, but it’s actually malleable.


Streetwear fashion label Off-White revealed a quite eccentric accessory, to be precise, an earring. What left people in awe was the earring made from seatbelt’s iron buckle. Along with two arrows directing where to insert the clip to the handle and Off-White logo on it, clearly no one expected the brand to display such earring. 


Perhaps none has ever thought of this before, but Maison Margiela surely has. The French top fashion company utilized a selfie stick to a whole new level – by sticking it to the model’s leg. From far, it looked like a selfie-stick boots, but it was actually a phone and tech clips clipped to a silicone-dipped socks in the same color with the also silicon-dipped sandals. Call it whatever you want, but you can’t deny that this is ingenious.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Elle, 680 News, TheCut