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Milan Fashion Week: Best Picks

Fashion28 September 2018

By Robin Boy & Selarashita Lufingga

Milan Fashion Week: Best Picks

As the capital of art history and philosophy, Milan sure bragged a lot about their rich artistic culture. The third show in the Fashion Week parade embroidered all kind of beauty—from the eclectic to romantic. Here is our best pick from the show:


All hail Dolce and gabbana Spring Summer 2019. At the show, they wanted us to see who Dolce and Gabbana truly is. Now in our digital era, we sometimes lost our human touch, but Dolce & Gabbana still guarantee their collection are handmade. The show is showered by extravagant collection and inspiring people. From the hairdo to the flowery dresses, we could feel that Frida Kahlo also walked on the show. Not only Kahlo’s vibes, we can also feel the atmosphere from the church, because “religion is a part of our DNA“, said Stefano Gabbana himself. In a nutshell, it’s a mixture between the pop culture and the royal touch of Dolce and Gabbana.


Versace Versace Versace—say it three times and you’ll be under their spell. With their magnificent Spring Summer 2019, Versace dares to play with radiant colours like Red, Blue, and Orange. Colour block and pattern are the main strength of their show. They might be bold enough to play with pattern and cutting as well, but they took the risky business wisely. Not just colours and pattern, they also madea pair of classy black dress and suit. Be it colourful or monochromatic, Versace has earned the crown for one of the best collections of Milan this season.


Max Mara never ceases to amaze the guests as the Italian fashion brand displayed its timeless high-quality pieces. In contrary to the previous two shows, the runway felt like a monochrome party as the models were seen in white, navy, tobacco neutrals, and brown from head to toe. The collection itself brought back the guests to the 80s by retrieving vintage looks like matching pantsuits and shoulder-padded coats, as well as draped dresses.


The Spring 2019 collection of Giorgio Armani felt soothing and pleasing to the eyes. The runway was graced by holographic iridescence eveningwear dominated by silver, icy pink, and icy blue colors. Accessories such as earrings and purses/handbags also became pleasant complementary. We spotted some shiny and large hoop earrings along with scally handbag, ribbon-shaped, and bijou purse.

PHOTOS Courtesy of WWD