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Meet drg Devya: Celebrity Dentist

Profile11 May 2018

By Annisa Laksmintari

Meet drg Devya: Celebrity Dentist

 ‘Different’ is word that bubbled up numerous times as HighEnd sat down with Drg Devya Linda SpBM, FISID, a respected and well-known practitioner of aesthetic dentistry.

Meeting Drg Devya for the first time is another pleasant surprise, if one was expecting a stiff senior doctor. She exudes vibrancy into any room she walks into, not only because of her warm and easygoing personality, but also her exquisite sense of style.

Indeed, even this stylish doctor’s field of expertise is less than common, a shining beacon from other dental practices that open in town. “Aesthetic dentistry is still considered something that is rare to be desired. Most will say that a sharper nose, plastic surgery or skin treatments will make you more beautiful, but it’s not often that people will say that teeth will beautify them. Nowadays, the society has realized that teeth can also elevate their appearance.”

Her signature treatment is veneers, for which she is known to be meticulous to the degree of perfection. Her results of bright, flawless teeth have gained such reputation among celebrities and other dental aesthetic enthusiasts, it has been named the ‘Hollywood  smile.’

Her loyal clients include highly recognizable names in the entertainment industry, such as Olla Ramlan, Ashanty, and Andien. Incredibly, her vast network of famous patients comes by word-of-mouth. “When I worked with Tompi, he had plenty of celebrity clients, among them Olla Ramlan. She requested veneers that resembled bunny teeth, which I agreed to do. I worked on it and thank God it boomed. Since then, celebrity clients came to me one by one. None of them were endorsed!” she exclaimed. “They come because they need my skills, and that’s what I’ve always hoped for.”

 “I’ve always been a perfectionist. I don’t want to disappoint people who put their faith in me. We must maintain their trust so our performance is maximal day by day.

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drg. Devya Linda is one of our Golden Women list. Read the full coverage on our Gold Issue, out this May in your nearest bookstores.