Marsha Timothy Spills New Role

Profile06 June 2017

By Rut Caroline

Marsha Timothy Spills New Role

Marsha Timothy is rising again with an unforeseen act. Through an upcoming movie titled Marlina: The Murderer in Four Acts, she reveals the virtuous character of Sumbanese woman who struggles with her fear and dilemma to fight against reality. The film currently gained special appreciation from several critics at Cannes. We personally asked Marsha her personal thoughts about the role.

“In the midst of Indonesian film industry, this film has a distinct color. It is absolutely the first movie in which I literally chop someone’s head off,” she laughs. Garin Nugroho writes the script in an amazing way, which has successfully twisted people’s mind. It is his first project where he writes the story but the film’s directed by another director, Mouly Surya.”

“Marlina is a strong and brave woman, she fought for her beliefs. Threatened by her internal fear and faced by criminal case, she chose to stand firm.”

“This movie has a message of feminism. A woman should get out of the frame of their gender to reach their life goals without forgetting their nature. We are born strong,” she said. ”And I was amazed with Sumbanese women’s character. Every day they climb the hills to seek for firewood barefoot and then return home, cooking and nurturing their children.”

“I practiced horse riding one month before shooting this film. And we had a workshop in Sumba before taking the shoot to get attuned to their lifestyle, tradition and culture.”

“Speaking of Indonesian movies, I have to say that I am a proud Indonesian actress. Indonesian audience has been more aware of Indonesian movies in line with the growth of our movies’ quality.”


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