Louis Vuitton Prefall Squad

Fashion15 January 2019

By Larasati Oetomo

Louis Vuitton Prefall Squad

Entering his fifth year with the brand, Nicolas Ghesquière never seems to run out of ideas to showcase Louis Vuitton collection.

After the brand becomes the highest-earning luxury fashion brand last year, the French creative director is more than ready to take on 2019 with a sense of pride. Instead of presenting his 2019 Pre-Fall collection on the runway, Nico booked 17 A-list female celebrities to fill in his all-fresh lookbook.

Some of them are familiar faces for the brand, such as Jennifer Connelly, Lea Seydoux, and Laura Harrier, while some others are new faces introduced by the brand. Aiming to foster the diversity of feminine expression, the brand curated all the unique and strongly characterized women to their campaign from a wide range of age and skin tone. They include veteran actresses Bae Doona and Thandie Newton, as well as Ethiopian-Irish beauty Ruth Negga.

Regarding his choice for muse, the 47-year old fashion designer leads the brand by stating, “These women embrace the various personalities that embody fashion at Louis Vuitton. Be they stars or new faces, all of them share the same willpower and confidence in their choices, and at the same time, reflect the eclecticism of the female identity.”

The collection is dominated by flowery prints and tartan patterns in neutral and earthy colors.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Louis Vuitton