Liliana Tanaja Tanoesoedibjo
Vanya Gabriela
04 March 2019

Liliana Tanaja Tanoesoedibjo is an empowered woman with vision and grace, soft-hearted but strong, self-aware and sure.

Perceived by many as a leadership figure and an empowering woman is Liliana Tanaja Tanoesoedibjo, a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother. She is the designer of Luxurious fashion brand LivetteTenun, serving as Chairwoman of HighEnd Magazine and Commissioner of MNC Group. She takes the helm of several business units at MNC Group, with other roles including Chairwoman of Kartini Perindo. Liliana is also a passionate woman that devoutly gives back to her county and society; being the chairwoman of the non-profit foundation Jalinan Kasih and chairwoman of Miss Indonesia Organization where she acts as an advocate for truly beautiful, strong and educated Indonesian women.

With that, she added, “I put utmost importance in the development of our youths; developing the values and good characters of our future generation. I believe that a person with values and good characters will enrich any situation and a nation. A future generation with good values and characters imbued into them can greatly enrich and change their country. I truly believe that good things will happen to this country. If we work hand in hand with sincerity, passion and our utmost effort for the betterment of our country and building the country towards a brighter future, I am certain we can change this country to be a better place to live.”

Liliana is now working on a platform called i get Spot, which is a platform where creative individuals can ‘get’ a ‘spot’ to obtain job opportunities. “This platform will also benefit clients as it creates efficiency and ease to the process of finding creative talents; ranging from makeup artists, hairstylist, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, singers and many more. It is there to help scheduling, hiring and finding a job opportunity much more effective, efficient and all in all, create an easy lifestyle,” she added eloquently.

Having worked on and headed so many projects successfully, Liliana knows the importance of not only strong leadership, but also proper delegation of work and teamwork. “A leader knows that a strong leadership skill is not all it takes to getting great results. He/she knows that it is a combination of that and a strong teamwork. Like in the orchestra, the players can create harmonious symphony of music only with the help of the concertmaster, one cannot exist without the other in order to create the perfect orchestra,” she said wisely.

She ended on a high note when asked to picture the future by saying, “We should be optimistic and positive that Indonesia will be better in the next few years. Good citizens will always see good future in their country, they will put in their best efforts to make the country they live in more than just a better place, but a place they and the world can be proud of.”

Stylist BUNG BUNG MANGARAJA | Photos & Digital Imaging FEBI RAMDHAN

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