Lessons from Gucci Resort 2018
Larasati Oetomo
02 June 2017

That's for sure. In his second show as Gucci's Creative Director, Alessandro Michele taught us lessons on history in a very, very whimsy way. Scanning 115 pieces of Gucci Cruise Resort 2018, weunderstand that Michele had an idée fixe towards Renaissance. Yet, of course, the whole Renaissance civilization alone won't satisfy him. We scrutinize each of his craftwork to go for more details about what is in Michele's mind - other than unpredictable fantasies.

Greek Mythology

Detailed in faux real pieces, golden accessories, grandeur dresses and cuts, Michele almost makes us feel trapped in a Virgil's book.

Grandma's Knitting Diary

He also proves us that your grandma's knit sweater can be cool. You just, uhm, gotta let Michele redesign the pattern with quirky beasts.

Flower Generation

Still from our grandma's era, the hippies' flower generation is back to reclaim its power. The blooming prints are all over Gucci Resort's menswear.


In line with his works for Gucci F/W 2017, the west-meet-east mashup is in again.

The Monarchy

Greek. Renaissance. Modern history. Each era highlighted the elegant conservatism of across-ethnic royal families.

Finally, Athleisure.

Before we stuck in the past, Michele leaves a trace of modernism through his athleisure look - who woul wear a quilted jacket with jogger pants?

PHOTO: Gucci