LaLaLa Fest Returns in 2019
Robin Boy
09 November 2018

Nation’s hit forest music festival is ready to bring yet another new adventure for music enthusiasts.

In less than a year since 2018’s LaLaLa Festival, the annual international forest music festival that successfully gained attention and anticipation will soon be back and hype the crowd on 23rd February 2019. Managed by The Group, the exhilarating fiesta will be once again held in Orchid Forest, Cikole Bandung, a place famed for its striking woodland and beautiful gazes.

With the excitement from the crowd, LaLaLa Festival 2019 is striving to be better than ever. 2018’s LaLaLa Festival turned out to be bigger than anyone expected, and it’s only natural that the upcoming one will try to exceed this year’s. Yet at the same time, they also want to stay true to its roots. The event is always about fusing inward to discover outward and to explore music as it is, and next year’s festival is nothing different.

The first lineup consists of big stars such as British synth-pop band Years & Years and South Korean soulful R&B singer Crush. Along with them are Jeremy Passion, Astronomyy, and Joe Hertz. Local acts like Sheila On 7, Fourtwnty, and Ardhito Pramono will also be joining the grand stage.

Even before the first lineup is announced, devoted fans have shown their utmost enthusiasm as the early bird tickets have been sold out in less than an hour since its opening. Fortunately, all the regular and VIP passes are still on sale on ( starting from Rp350.000,- for the presale ticket.

More information and updates can be seen on LaLaLa Festivals’s social media @lalala.fest.

PHOTOS Courtesy of LaLaLa Fest