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La La Land Concert in Jakarta

Event27 October 2017

By Larasati Oetomo

La La Land Concert in Jakarta

LA LA LAND IN CONCERT, a live-to-film celebration of Damien Chazelle’s film with the same name, finally arrives in Indonesia early in November. The musical performance will be held in two days, 4-5 November at Ciputra Artpreneur, Jakarta. Just like in their previous live concerts, more than a hundred musicians will play Justin Hurwitz’ compositions on real-time score accompanied by Technicolor film of La La Land. This concert is a combination of orchestra performance and live scoring, where the musicians must follow the pace of the Technicolor film continuously.

The actual film itself has become a cult amidst musical and film lovers since the release in late 2016. Following the film, LA LA LAND IN CONCERT debuted on May 2017 at Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, which settles as one of the original film settings. People of all ages swarmed the concert, wearing Emma Stone’s iconic yellow summer dress and Ryan Gosling’s suit in commemoration of the film.

According to Chazelle, the challenge and pleasure of LA LA LAND IN CONCERT it is the authentic experience of the film scoring that has been brought live. Thus, it will be particularly exciting for big fans of the film and the soundtrack. Promoter of the concert, Rajawali Indonesia Communication, prepared 1000 tickets available every day which consist of Diamond Category (IDR 2.75 MIO), Platinum Category (IDR 2 MIO), Gold Category (IDR 1.25 MIO), and Silver Category (IDR 600 K).

PHOTO courtesy of Lionsgate

Tickets for LA LA LAND IN CONCERT are availabe on tiketapasaja