Kate Third Pregnancy: The Facts
Larasati Oetomo
07 September 2017

Last Monday (4/9), the Kensington Palace announced the third pregnancy of Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. People merrily welcome the soon-to-be third royal baby from Prince William's family.

The British Royal couple will be expecting their third child next spring, who will also be entitled with Prince or Princess of Cambridge just like the older siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. As the Queen and Her family are pleased to hear the news, some rumors are leaking since Kate decided to pass some of her official engagements. Here is what we know about Kate Middleton's third pregnancy so far:

1. The announcement of the third pregnancy is hastened by Kensington Palace due to Kate Middleton's sickness.

According to the Royal's official letter, Kate is suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum; an acute condition of morning sickness that occurs around 1 out of 100 expected mothers. This condition compels her to skip some formal engagements, while she is being taken care of at the Kensington Palace. The Duchess of Cambridge also suffered from the same condition during her two previous pregnancies.

2. Kate Middleton is also reported to be very likely to miss taking her eldest son, Prince George, to school in his first day.

Prince George will be attending his first school day at Thomas' Battersea next Monday. However, a Royal Source told Daily Mail that Kate's acute health condition makes her unlikely to join her son, despite really wanting to do so.

3. It would be the first time since 1959 where Her Majesty's immediate family will be having more than two children.

Kate's siblings once spoke to the public that she wanted "at least three children", making her and Prince William's family the first Royal descendant for the past 58 years to break the informal tradition for expecting their third child.

4. Like their previous two, William and Kate will not reveal the sex of their expected baby.

The couple is known to keep the baby's gender a surprise.

5. Rumours are going that The Duchess of Cambridge already hinted the third pregnancy a few weeks before.

Last July, Kate introduced her brand new haircut at the Wimbledon game. Her shorter, copper-colored hair makes her look fresher. She also changed her hairstyle during the pregnancy of her previous two children. Do you agree that her change of appearance a glimpse of expecting the third Royal Baby?