GOOGLE Year In Search 2017

Event18 December 2017

By Larasati Oetomo

GOOGLE Year In Search 2017

As we are approaching the end of the year, GOOGLE returned with their comprehensive list of the most googled stuffs for a year long, specifically in Indonesia.

Last week, GOOGLE released their list of the most typed words on our google search tab. The list is separated into several categories, including public figure, national & international events, celebrity, song, recipe, and tutorials.

Local song Surat Cinta untuk Starla topped the list, followed by local cult horror flick Pengabdi Setan. Political-related contents like Pilkada DKI, Setya Novanto, and SEA Games also dominate the list. In a nutshell, Indonesian netizens are more drawn to local contents and continue to show interest on related political events and creative industry.

Following the success of Pengabdi Setan film, one of our 2017’s Indonesia’s Beautiful Women nominees Ayu Laksmi also received an award as one of the most googled celebrities along the year. On “How to...” category, most people are utilizing Google for enterpreneurial uses, which imply the rise of self-taught creative skills among netizens.

A number of Google-popular figures attended the launching night to converse about 2017 in retrospective way, as well as to receive the #YearInSearch awarding plate. They include actor Ayu Laksmi, director Joko Anwar, and singer Virgoun. The comprehensive list of GOOGLE #YearInSearch is available on or you can watch the video below:

PHOTOS Courtesy of Google