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Festival de Cannes: Highlights

Art & Culture30 May 2017

By Larasati Oetomo

Festival de Cannes: Highlights

As the 70th Festival de Cannes took place, all eyes from all over the world turned to Côte D'azur. Dozens of films selected and awarded for their influential diplomatic power over production prowess. The debonair festivity lasted from 17-28 may 2017.

Let us now set aside whatever happened on the red carpet or the full winner list of Festival de Cannes 2017. It is now time to turn our head to the best highlights all around the cinematic parade. Here's our best picks:

David Lynch to return on-screen with "Twin Peaks: The Return", an extended series of surrealistic crime-fiction "Twin Peaks" (1990-1991), complete with his original casts.

Sofia Coppola won Best Director award for her renaissance-work "The Beguiled". She was only the second woman to ever win the award.

"Birdman" Director Alejandro G. Iñárritu brought Virtual Reality (VR) installation to Cannes with 6.5 min. "Carne Y Arena", built upon strong cultural/political criticism.

Although the number of Asian films included on the shortlisted nominees, Cannes 2017 marks the rise of Korean film industry as Asian country with most films screened on public. South Korean senior director Park Chan Wook and Chinese elegant actress Fan Bing Bing joined the prestigious lines of juries.

PHOTO: Festival de Cannes, L'Oréal