FALL TREND: Time to Take a Bow
Larasati Oetomo
29 August 2017

Summer is yet to end, but it is just the right time to take pre-season style watch as an early start for Fall season this year. For American house Tory Burch, autumn is a bountiful season where gifts of gratitude are being spread all over the world. Thus, bows, as associated with gifts, become the highlights for their Fall collection.

Bows are elegant and feminine, as if it's made especially for autumn. However, bows (mostly bigger ones) tend to make our overall look seems bulky or overdressed, so it takes great care to pick just the right combination of bows and other outfits. Here are some fashion faux pas-free lessons to wear bows that we learn from Tory Burch Fall 2017 runway.


When being worn as belt, bows are usually the highlight of the overall outfit. Sure, for night dresses, they work effectively. However, we do not always want to look like wearing a Karate belt for daily use, no? For more subtle and chic look, a thin and plain bow works effectively. Combine it with a nice frock, and you're safe.


It is the time to pull the androgynous look of British Invasion era. Mix a high neck taffeta shirt with bowties that past the waist, volumized sleeves, and buttoned cuffs. For more feminine look, go with floral works on satin. And oh, it is also the time to try the 19th century-inspired large necktie for a more casual mood.


Black velvet hair-bow is an all-time grace, that's all we can say. Go with neat ponytails and combine it with statement earrings.


Whether in flats or heels, let the oversized velvet bows steal everyone's attention in evening occasions.

PHOTO: Tory Burch