Event Highlights: Food in Design

Design14 July 2017

By Ahda Arifa Ismail

Event Highlights: Food in Design

As urban's lifestyle surges from time to time, food is no longer considered simply as human's basic needs, but a part of Epicurean lifestyle. Amplifying the art of F&B indulgence, art houses around the world celebrates gourmet as great inspiration for design. The major issue of Food/Design symbiosis today focuses on food sustainability, resources, and future technology to project effectiveness of food serving for the people. Here we present to you our list of Food/Design events from all around the world.

Sustainable Future Food

Netherlands’ Social design enterprise Agri Meets Design is holding their annual Future Food Design Awards competition worldwide. Intended to encourage and highlight innovative and disruptive designs for sustainable future food, it sets aside aesthetics and focuses on the more important subjects. They include land use management, fresh waters reserves and the influence of agriculture on climate, which are all concerns about food security.

Revolutionary Gourmet Design

Museum Für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg in Germany is currently showcasing Future Revolution 5.0. This exhibition sheds light on one of the most pressing issues of the 21st century: What will we eat in the future if the focus on growth is coupled with dwindling resources? The exhibition takes a critical look at the global food industry and presents design visions from designers, architects and scientists for a future human nutrition.

Swedish Coffee Story

Homeware giant IKEA recently won the 2017 Dieline Award for the package design of its coffee range. Awarded first place in the Non-Alcoholic Beverages category, the package design features playfully-stacked cups and expresses the brand’s Swedish heritage warmly. Seeking to tell stories about Swedish food culture throughout its food and beverage offerings, the company named the coffee range PÅTÅR that means ‘second cup of coffee’.

All-American Glamor

Gemini Bistro, a Chicago-favorite restaurant and a Lincoln Park treasure, has been transformed into a rock star fashion by the award-winning global design firm 555 International. Parting ways with its last name and now simply known as Gemini, the modern eatery exudes both a retro and rustic ambiance, serving up a design scheme as fresh as its menu. It was renovated from top to bottom into a charming aesthetic with architectural grandeur and details.

PHOTO: Agri meets design, mkg-hamburg, ikea, 555 International