Engel Tanzil Talks Art Venture
Larasati Oetomo
10 October 2017

With the way she dialogued, we can tell Engel Tanzil's passion for art. Engel believes art is a way of human beings to converse ideas. These ideas, for her, belong to everyone, thus the dialogues may flow from and to any kind of people, through any kind of medium. That's what drove her and all the people behind Dia.Lo.Gue Art Space in creating an all-embracing space to talk about art.

Dia.Lo.Gue Art Space, that is located in Kemang, does not only function as gallery, but as café, working space, and shop as well. Engel emphasizes the importance of affection when it comes to managing the multifaceted business. “I think it all goes back to the heart. It is hard to manage anything when you are not attached to your work”. Her emotional calling links to her wish to be able to offer an open space where genuine creative dialogue can emerge between artists, designers, and general public. That’s why Dia.Lo.Gue does not display artworks per se, but initiating discussions and interactive showcases related to the artists and artworks.

Engel Tanzil - One of the founders and current runner of Dia.Lo.Gue Art Space

As the milestone to achieve inclusivity in Jakarta’s art scene, Dia.Lo.Gue Art Space constantly develop educational and cultural programs to support local artists, culture, history, and education of art. Some of their prominent projects are EXI(S)T, an annual exhibition project for aspiring artists, Dia.Lo.Gue Playground, an interactive art showcase for children, and other thematic ‘dialogues’ with themes including architecture, ethnicity and culture, design, to music.

When featured young artists of EXI(S)T take challenges not only in Jakarta, but in national and multinational art scene as well, Engel feels really delighted for them.​ “When some of EXI(S)T alumni received invitations from foreign exhibition, it felt like seeing our own child grows up”. Although most of Dia.Lo.Gue projects have their own board of curators, Engel finds being a hospitable host as the art space owner very important. “There were times we spent times here each day for three months to stay close with the artists”, she said.

Dia.Lo.Gue Art Space - look from the café

When it comes to artists, Dia.Lo.Gue is known for scouting young artists living in Jakarta to publicize their artworks. According to Engel, those young artists are typically audacious. “Young artists work in different ways than their older counterparts do. They are also open to utilize various mediums and themes in their works”, Engel explains.

PHOTO: Febi Ramdhan (@febiramdhan) for HIGHEND