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DIY: Creative Christmas Tree

Design12 December 2017

By Larasati Oetomo

DIY: Creative Christmas Tree

When we think of a Christmas tree, we most likely think of a synthetic pine tree decorated in ornaments sparkling in red, gold, and white. Is that all we got every year?

With simple goods we can find at home and a touch of creativity, a Christmas tree can stand out to impress your guests without leaving its traditional root. Working with Papertree Décor and LAFLO, we are trying to set up a multifunction central piece at home made by natural tree branches. It might remind us of Christmas tree in general, but this time, we can make sure that your tree can be found nowhere else, making it a special decoration for special occasion.

Unlike its majestic appearance, the tree is pretty easy to build. Here’s the easy step-by-steps:

1. Collect a number of different-sized tree branches.

2. Prepare a medium-sized dead trunk as the epicenter of your tree

3. Clean every remaining leaf from the branch and refine the outer film to leave the texture smooth (you can let the carpenter do this task)

4. Spray the trunk and branches with color-spray specialized for flowers and au naturel.

5. Arrange branches around the dead trunk in spiral direction to create the impression of a tree

6. Put the trunk inside a big vase, and then locate it in the homiest corner of your home.

7. Hang the tree with your family’s signature ornaments. In our version, we hang wishing cards for people to write their wish for the New Year.

8. Furnish them with warm accentuation like fur carpet and pillows for the children to play around.

The tree functions as central point of gathering events where people exchange gifts and write New Year wishes on cards hanging from the tree. You can accentuate the concept of your party using thematic boxes you can find at home. For example, you can use boxes made from cane works as gift box or container. The best spot to place the tree is in the corner of the room beside a windowpane to create dreamy ambience as evening sun soaks between the branches. Isn't it lovely?

ATTENTION: Simple Hacks

Building an enormous tree might be a little bit problematic for some people. However, you can still set the vibe with least effort possible by building a mini version of the tree. All you need is a clear vase and dozens of medium-sized branches. Dye them with color-spray, arrange inside the vase, and voila.

Photos PHILIP DERMAWAN | Decoration PAPERTREE DÉCOR | Location & Interior LAFLO | Digital Imaging ISNU DWIMARTANTO

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