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Dewi Pringgodani on Cover

Profile06 May 2019

By Grisselda Pherry

Dewi Pringgodani on Cover

HighEnd got the chance to meet one of the Indonesia’s biggest fashion collectors, Dewi Pringgodani, who collected hundreds of luxurious handbags, couture dresses and countless footwear.

Hello, what are you currently busy with?

I am working as an entrepreneur in the mining field, so I have to control my main business daily. Besides that, currently I am taking my doctorate degree of criminal law at Universitas Trisakti, so I often get invitations to speak about legal and security politics.

You have a very serious business line that is far off from the fashion world, how do you like fashion and try to be updated so much?

As an entrepreneur, I have to make sure to present myself well when meeting clients or being in public. To me dressing up well means showing how I respect the people I meet, because I like people who put the effort to dress up for meetings. I got a lot of fashion event invitations as well, for example, the new arrival of a certain brand, that’s how I keep myself updated from the fashion world.

Which do you prefer, classic or limited edition product?

Limited edition, to me it’s special. I feel a sense of individuality if it’s limited, and the thought of me having the only piece in this world makes me pretty happy.

Pick three staple pieces that you can’t miss from your wardrobe, what would it be?

Bags, shoes, and watch, because these three products are my main collection.

Any current fashion obsession?

Currently I am obsessed with D&G, because the brand manager will always contact me to update on the new arrival, and it never fails to amaze me.

How important does fashion presentation mean to you?

Extremely important, because besides showing how we understand fashion, it reflects on our character as well; respecting ourselves and most importantly respecting the person we are going to meet. For me, we have to raise awareness on this.

Can you recall how many bags you had?

I have shopped since ancient days, so it’s a little hard to tell. Maybe around 500.

Not everyone can be as luxurious as you do, what are the tips that you are able to give?

We have to work hard for what we want to achieve, set a goal for ourselves. This is important. Hard work always pays off and the benefit will follow, use that benefit to be the capital to pamper ourselves.

What is your motto?

Be independent and diligent in executing our goals; that is the motto I live by.

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STYLING Grisselda Pherry | PHOTOS Isnu Dwimartanto | WARDROBE Michelle Alphonsa, Adelle Jewellery, Mrs. Dewi’s personal wardrobe | LOCATION St. Regis Nusa Dua Bali