Cool Homes without Air Con

Design30 August 2018

By Robin Boy

Cool Homes without Air Con

Many of us might be relying on Air Conditioner a bit too much. However, an appropriate architecture can also beat the heat just as good as the cool air producers do. 

The existence of air conditioner makes it much easier for us to work through the scorching heat. Nonetheless, using too much air conditioner may dry out your skin and does not help preventing the global warming. Do you know that you actually can live in an aircon-less house with these home design inspirations without feeling like you’re trapped in a microwave?


A project by T3 Architecture Asia, the Green Industrial House is built and dominated by wood and metal that comes with aerated walls, huge overhangs, double-ventilated facade, ceiling fans, and an adjustable facade that can open and close to control the light and ventilation. With this spacious house, you can spoil yourself feeling the natural air and light while living up the contemporary vibe.


Located in Singapore, 55 Blair House has a swimming pool in the center of the house which produces diverse space and is suitable for various activities. It also separates the front and back of the house, with the front supporting the living and dining room as well as bedroom and office. On the other hand, the rear part contains a kitchen, maids’ room, and a roof terrace. The evaporating pool water will surely remove dry heat for a bit and moisturize the air.


Hayes Residence by Travis Price Architects is a simple yet beautiful house built around several trees on the plot. There is an outdoor walkway connecting the main area and the guest area. This environment-friendly house consists of the bedroom, kitchen, living room, and a dining room.

PHOTOS Courtesy of KAFGW, Architizer, Home Design, The Modern House