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Coffee Course with Mikael Jasin

Profile27 November 2018

By Adelia Ayu

Coffee Course with Mikael Jasin

Mikael Jasin, Coffee Quality and Marketing Manager of Common Grounds Group, proved that sometimes there is no caffeine needed to stimulate senses and setting up good mood.

Maybe you’ve heard Mikael Jasin or seen his gorgeous face from social media or social talk abouts. Things got different when deep conversations with the 28-year-old got involved. “I have unending passion for coffee. Have been trying other industries such as modeling or turn up the heat as a chef, but there’s always a way for coffee to bring me back,” he says with a smile.

Despite his modeling success in countries like Hong Kong and finishing his Master in Marketing from RMIT University in Melbourne, Mikael can’t get his hands off it since he is always curious to taste new things. "Sensory aspects are things that please me. Basically I love touching and making things with my hands and making people happy with the fruits of my labor", says the man who started to work in the group back in March 2017 after heading Middletown Café in Australia.

“In life, you will always wonder who you want to be. Educating people is my favorite thing, especially in coffee industry. Social aspect and sustainability are two inseparable things that are needed there,” he shared on why he thinks that more is merrier.  Going deeper through his mind, we instantly know that the runner up of 2015 and 2016 Australia’s Coffee in Good Spirits is not the type of guy who’s keen on things that eyes can see, especially in women. Appreciating what lies behind the pretty face and underneath the fancy clothes, he strongly believes that money couldn’t buy personality and brain.

On Coffee:

“It’s not just buying a cup of coffee. You also educate and help people behind it to keep thriving in this industry.”

On daily routine:

“Being healthy is my main goal. Skincare, eating fibers and exercise are important, especially when you do it with joy.”

On Personal Styles:

“Casual outfit is my forte. But I’m a sucker for suits.”

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