Coat 101 by Amal Clooney
Larasati Oetomo
02 November 2018

As rainy and cool days are approaching, coat is our daily go-to for a simple, yet chic day out.

Okay, cool. However, it’s not that easy to make ultra-large coat not to look bulky or, worse, looking over the top. Luckily, we have our beloved Amal Clooney to teach us some lessons to look effortlessly elegant in coat. Admit it; nobody knows how to wear a coat better than her.


Experimenting with coat’s fabric and colors could be your way to go. Amal’s ombre suede coat from Burberry was iconic; so is her red Versace leather coat. To prevent it from looking extra, keep everything else simple: black boots or stocking are safe options.


Coats do not always look like what you think they should. In mild weather, you can opt for unique-shaped coats, like the sleeveless, checked coat Amal wore. Anyway, we all know that cropped jacket and dress are a couple made in heaven.


Who says fall is the season of gloom? With a combination of fresh colors and body-fitting dress, you can say bye to looking bulky and dark with coats.


Okay, enough chit-chat and let’s go straight to the point. Here’s the rule of thumb for wearing coat: an oversized trench coat or blazer + simple tops + cigarette pants. There you go. You can never go wrong with that.