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Chinese New Year Gets Early

Design01 February 2018


Chinese New Year Gets Early

Celebrating the canine takeover, dog-themed and red colored lunar New Year decorations play a pivotal role this year.

From wall decorations, tableware and party favors, the man’s best friend themed ornaments are displayed at every house or venue that celebrates Lunar New Year.

Besides special-themed decorations, main decorations that are required in the celebrations consist of chunlian (upside down fu), flower arrangements, paper lantern, paper-cutting arts, dinner table decorations, door couplets and envelopes. Other decorations that must be presented in the house are firecrackers, kumquat trees, and eight treasures box.

There are also a paper-cutting decoration with different shapes, hence, different meaning. For example, the peach symbolizes longevity; the pomegranate for fertility; the peony for honor and wealth; while the pine tree for eternal youth.

Another way to brighten up the home for the holiday is with flowers and plants. Traditionally, kumquat tree that grows mini oranges or kut is installed – which is said to ensure a family will be having prosperous generations in the future. Cherry blossoms, bamboo shoots, plum blossoms, peonies and orchids are also often seen as a decoration as symbols of a wish for an auspicious new year.

Photos courtesy of Pixabay

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