Borderless Boundaries

Design05 April 2017

By Larasati Oetomo

Borderless Boundaries

We all mix up things sometimes, mostly when we’re not in the right state of mind. But have we ever thought about mixing things up beautifully—like combining living room with veranda; or bathroom with veranda and living room?

It may sound like a mixed-up idea, but Sanchaya Resort at Bintan offers us some inspiration about room combination. When we know one tip or two, we might think that a bathroom that goes through the veranda is not a bad idea at all.

Breaking the Fourth WallWhen it goes to living room-veranda combination, we should forget the walls—they are so restraining. Instead, go with large windows in each corner of your living room facing the outside part of the house. This would be a marvelous idea for seaside or hillside house with an amazing view. Now you do not only get fresh breeze, but a panoramic view in your living room as well.

Make Yourself At HomeMove your veranda’s furniture to the inside, be it futon or coffee table. You may feel like sitting outdoor in the backyard while really, we are only sitting in our comfortable living room. To enhance the laid-back atmosphere, a more bold choice to put dining table inside sounds pretty nice.

Personal SpaceWe wouldn’t want our living room look definitely like a veranda, whatsoever. There should be one defining ornament in the room that remarks the actual function of the room, and that is the role of trellis, drapes, or bamboo curtain. It does not only nuance the room with summer vibe, but will provide you with more personal space whenever you need it. In a snap of finger, you can shift your outdoor veranda as indoor living room.

Crossing the LinePane positioning is the last yet the most important consideration to design a borderless room. Make sure that windowpanes in each room are positioned in one straight line that the sun may shine throughout the house. Make best use of handy partition instead of boring walls. Who wouldn’t want to bubble-bath with wide, beautiful view before our eyes? The whole point is to be bold enough to be seen.