Blown and Barred
Rut Caroline
11 April 2017

After more than three years bringing its famous ‘Never a Bad Hair Day’ campaign for women, Blow+ Bar continues their successful hair services by launching its newest hair campaign: ‘Wild and Free.’ As a perfect solution to today’s busy urban women, Blow+ Bar spoils their customers with a power to explore their wild and free side through their Jewel Tones Color Collection and new Permanent Blowout 2.0 with a practical technique.

There is always a special jewel for every woman that brings out different characters and beauties. Inspired by this connection, featuring vibrant and luxurious shades, Blow+ Bar launches Jewel Tone Color Collection coming in various shades and colors which are wearable yet trendy. There are Understated, delivering hair color options such as a muted and sensual deep violets, mahogany, coppers without bleaching technique, Luxurious with vibrant sapphires, amethyst, emeralds and Classics for blondes, ash, greys, and many more.

And to answer women’s wish for an everyday fabulous hair without sacrificing more effort and time, Blow+ Bar has upgraded its Permanent Blowout service to Permanent Blowout 2.0. Under The Permanent Blowout 2.0, Blow+ Bar presents a Hair Reset Treatment to meet women’s needs one step further by maintaining hair integrity during the Permanent Blowout perm process. Your hair will be re-bonded and strengthened first to minimize breakage and maintain hair quality. Don’t forget that the main key to look gorgeous in permanent blowout is to wear one hair different ways: free and casual. That’s why Blow+ Bar launches two new signature looks accompanying this hair campaign. Those are Blowout on the Lob, one permanent blowout with multiple options of wearing it and signature look Bob, as their take on the season’s popular bob hair cut. You can consult to their hair therapists to get any result that suits to your personality.


Blow+ Bar
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