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Authentic Indonesian in Ubud

Wine & Dine05 September 2018

By Aulia Meidiska

Authentic Indonesian in Ubud

Blanco par Mandif is a cutting edge fine dining restaurant offering degustation menu to savor. The 7 or 9-course menu pairing with signature cocktails or wine speaks for quality, authenticity, passion, and culture of the archipelago.

The restaurant uses only the best local resources to support local farms while complying with modern cooking techniques and original recipes created by renowned chef Mandif Warokka. Born in Biak, Papua, he has a strong sense of Indonesian spices and tastes since he was raised in multicultural environment. He has Manadonese descent in his blood and grew up in various cities in Indonesia including Bandung, where he gained his culinary degree, and other cities around the world.

Devour his creation of 7 or 9-courses at the fine dining restaurant, starting with Aperitif list consisting of (1) Tempe Mendoan with tomato sambal and pickled shallot, (3) Semprong taco with beef tongue semur, (3) Chicken liver terrine with potato chips, tomato sambal, and crispy rice, and (4) Fermented long-bean with sambal roa.

If you are Indonesians, you would discover a different look from the original presentations of the dishes. Entering the Amuse Bouche part, the Tabanan Farm Cabbage Sesame, Kencur (Kaempferia galanga), Palm Sugar Ketel One, Bianco Vermouth, and Singaraja Vinegar will play on your palate while you prepare yourself for some magnificent recipes to come in a second.

One of the main courses, Octopus, is a combination of super tender octopus served with red bean emulsion, parsley cream, and confit potato. Not to mention the gigantic Tokusen Wagyu with smoked green chilli sambal and cilembu sweet potatoes. This creation will remind you of the tasty rendang with a touch of maximum quality.

When you think you already spoiled your senses, you should expect more pleasure to arrive on your table. You will get two options of desserts: Kelapa Tart (coconut cake) blended with cinnamon custard, raisin, and rum, or Cassava “Getuk” served with raspberry and peanut butter ice cream. We suggest you to pair either dish with wine to boost richer flavors inside your mouth.

Accompanying your small talk session with your plus one, Blanco par Mandif provides a package of traditional Indonesia’s sweets called Mignardises. Kembang Goyang and kue ku Cherry (red bean) and Lemon (mung bean) are wrapped in a very intriguing display, closing the entire long-hour yet delightful dining.

Blanco par Mandif

Jalan Raya Tjampuhan, Museum Blanco Complex

Ubud-Gianyar, Bali

0361 4792284 / 0812 7777 3000 /


PHOTOS Courtesy of Blanco par Mandif