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A Brilliant Mark

Profile24 September 2018

By Adelia Ayu

A Brilliant Mark

As one of the unquestionable symbols in gastronomy world, Mark Best has been successfully creating impressive marks that inspire the future of it.

To culinary fanatics, Mark Best is the master of epicurean arts that favors eco-friendly molecular techniques. For others, he is a friendly, down-to-earth and brilliant visionary who loves to create good ambiance everywhere through his meals. In a rare opportunity of meeting the Michelin Star Chef eye to eye, while aboard the amazing Genting Dream Cruise, HighEnd experienced the excellent works and hospitality from the chef itself that makes the trip unforgettable.

Since 2016, Mark Best decided to move his workstation to the pretty blue sea in the Asian cruise market ship by opening Bistro by Mark Best at one of its decks. “Everyone could dine at Bistro by Mark Best, since they have the rights to enjoy exquisite cuisines in the most comfortable way,” said Mark while showing his fresh displays of meat, seafood and vegetable ingredients in front of the bistro. Despite the fact that now he has to cook in the sea, he ensured that all his ingredients are fresh, since the ship stops at many beautiful country ports that provide fresh ingredients.

The ingredient search across the world had exposed him to different cultures. “I always define myself as an eccentric and curious man who is heavily influenced by traditions around the world. It is obviously shown through my works,” added Mark, which is displayed in two of his menu creations called Asian influenced Lobster Redang with Leeks and Potato and his motherland inspired Pandan Ice-Cream Mango and Anzac Biscuit. “By treating all ingredients as equal, it helps me develop compositions and bring beauty from each of it,” he explained on why he could keep his good works everywhere he go.

Aside from the beautiful cuisine that he crafted, Mark Best also shows that he gets the basic needs to those who want to create remarkable things; a beautiful mind. “Traveling around the world attending food symposiums made me become interested in the future of sustainability. It’s not only about food, it’s about treating animal ethically, climate changes and fight for gender equality in the culinary world,” professed Mark. Closing interview with such a brilliant and strong statement, Mark Best proves that he is one of the best figures that gastronomy world ever had.