7 Prettiest Celebrity Homes
Larasati Oetomo
10 June 2019

They said there’s no place like home. For these celebrities, making their home the most comfortable place on earth is a priority.

Here are some of the prettiest celebrity homes, from California to Dominican Republic, for your home makeover inspiration. They also have distinctive styles according to their personality, which include eco-friendly to artistic.


An art exhibition par excellence, Elton John’s house in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, is filled with quirky art pieces and interiors. The popping colors of red, blue, and yellow hues stand out in all-white rooms.

PHOTOS Roger Davies


The TV personality’s haven is a true embodiment of secret garden. With gigantic windows and indoor plantings, the rustic interior looks even livelier.

PHOTOS Roger Davies


Every day feels like a holiday at Marc Anthony’s resort in Dominican Republic. Spreading across 10,000-square-foot, Casa de Campo Resort is embellished with a variety of woods, coral stones, and pools to create a sense of tropical beaches.

PHOTOS William Waldron


The designer’s mansion in Bedford, New York, will totally remind you of suburban mansions located in Western and Central Europe. Adorned in deep colors and vintage interiors, the fashion ace knew what style really means.

PHOTOS Durston Saylor


John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have everything it takes to create dream home for families—private garden, beautiful view, and big spaces for the kids to explore. Their Asian-influenced house is adorned with greeneries and rustic interiors that appear sophisticatedly grounded.

PHOTOS Roger Davies


During his time of service as POTUS, Barack Obama turned the white house into a dreamy palace. Burgundy, minty green, and cream creates a beautiful color palette for lavish yet homey atmosphere.

PHOTOS Michael Mundy


Highly inspired by the Renaissance, Lionel Richie’s Beverly Hills mansion is filled with romantic inspiration. Who wouldn’t feel relaxed and inspired when strolling around the lush garden or bathing in a bath-tub—located in your library?

PHOTOS Mary E. Nichols

SOURCE Architectural Digest