Your After Eid Detox Plan

Wine & Dine19 June 2018

By Fiona E. Gandy

Your After Eid Detox Plan

Eid season is one of the most anticipated holiday seasons simply because of all the delicious homemade meals you are devouring. Nonetheless, it is still essential for us to make sure that our bodies are intact after the celebration has died down.

Meet your best friend, H2O

Drink plenty of water and avoid high calorie drinks, alcohol, and other flavored drinks that contain natural or artificial sweeteners. Here’s some tip: if you want to add flavor to your water, add fresh fruits like lemon, berries, orange slices, or cucumbers. Fruit-infused water is a great alternative that tastes amazing and brings nutritious benefits to your body. We recommend drinking a big glass of fruit-infused water immediately after you wake up.

Breakfast time

For breakfast, it’s time to resist the desire for pancakes and waffles in the morning. Instead, make yourself a green smoothie or juice every morning. This will give your body a nutritious and quick energy boost so you’ll be ready to conquer the day. Another alternative is a fresh acai bowl topped with an array of fruits. This fresh and wholesome bowl is rich in antioxidants, amino acids, and essential fatty acids, which give increased energy, boosted immune system, improved metabolic functions, and better hair and skin.

Avoid all unhealthy carbs

Sadly, you’ll have to take a break from refined grains and starchy, processed foods like pasta, white rice, pizza dough, and white bread. Try healthier options like brown rice, whole wheat bread, and sweet potatoes. Start building meals that consists of lean proteins like eggs, seafood, ground beef, fish, and beans complimented with fresh, raw, or steamed veggies.

Ditch the salt

Avoid adding salt/ sauces or condiments to your food. Many condiments like barbecue sauce, salad dressing, and tomato sauce include added sugars and sodium. For healthier option, opt for a sprinkle of fresh herbs for that extra flavor.

Time for some snack

To satisfy your snack cravings, we recommend eating whole fresh fruits or a piece of dark chocolate instead of giving in to baked goods. Try your best to avoid cookies, cakes, and pastries that will only give you unnecessary calories, fat, and sugar.

No diet and detox is ever easy, mostly after all the indulgence from Eid season. But sometimes, a few days of clean eating will help reset your body to where it was before the holiday season.


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