You Wore Parisian Look Wrong
Larasati Oetomo
10 January 2019

We’ve been bumping over “Parisian aesthetics” over and over again on Pinterest and Instagram, but why can’t we just pull it the way Jane Birkin did?

A Franco-british actor, a media darling, and an unintentional style icon—Jane Birkin did all that almost too effortlessly. Parisian look is very tricky indeed, as it requires you to be both self-conscious and effortless at the same time. Of course you can’t carry your birkin bag (pun intended) and wear a night dress to look like “real” Parisian girl.

Here, we can dress smartly with inspiration from Jane, the icon herself.

1. Be Reckless Enough

Jane is iconic because she often dressed like a boy without overthrowing her subtle sense of femininity. What’s wrong about wearing tailored houndstooth blazer or simply going with plain white tee and flared jeans (even messy buns)? Parisian girls’ secret to this genderless chicness is to pair formal with casual, comfort with personal identity.

2. Focus on How; not What to Wear.

Although we all can mention many luxury brands originating from France, flaunting your outfit’s brands is never included in Paris girls’ fashion dictionary. Always make your friends wonder where you got your outfits by wearing them in a way nobody ever thought before. There you can get to wear the same outfit over and over again without anybody noticing.

 3. Always Skip “Dresscode”

Find your own element of surprise by mixing casual and formal. If they expect you to pair little black dress with court shoes, wear boots. However, these surprises still need to have pattern, so people will recognize your presence quickly. Jane’s signature, as we all now, is pairing coats and dresses with her iconic wicker bag—and both just look as good.

4. Imperfection Makes Perfect

Be candid with what you wear—you don’t always have to curl your hair, fixing your clothes, or going all-out with your make-up. If your sleeves bother your movement, roll them up. If the weather is too hot, loosen things up a bit. Never let your style overpower your comfort.   

5. Go Beyond the Surface

Remember that the key to Parisian style is skin-deep. There’s no point of dressing stylishly without having a bold personality and intellect as your main charm. Confidence and body posture help you much, but who are you inside? Be daring and stay true to it—that’s what makes Jane Birkin stood out.