You Are What You Drink

Wellness20 April 2017

By Larasati Oetomo

You Are What You Drink

As healthy lifestyle being the foremost priority of urbanites, a more cautious pick of food or beverage becomes essential. However, we tend to unintentionally ignore our bodily need for right quality and quantity of liquid. Besides approximately 8 glasses of water each day, certain amount of other liquid is advantageous for our health. We may have heard that fresh milk, all-natural fruit juice, and green tea are the “ultimate health improvers”.

In other hand, we often forget that something as reachable and as tropical as coconut water is nonetheless a beneficiary beverage. KOKóNAT, a new-established coconut water brand, share with us the qualifying standards of coconut water in order to gain its nutritious delight even through the last drop.

  1. Hygienic: The extraction process of coconut water plays a vital point to preserve its natural flavor. Every coconut needs to be carefully handpicked and extracted in a clean, preferably isolated place.
  2. Nutritious: Fresh coconuts at the right maturity are the key to most nutritious coconut water. Consumers also need to be sure that the coconut is not heated; otherwise the vitamins and other nutrition are decaying.
  3. Natural: More raw, the better. It is important to avoid added sugar (either natural or artificial) and preservatives from beverage as nutritious as coconut water. As a popular weight-loss and digestive-friendly drink, we really do not desire antagonistic sugar and preservatives to reduce such benefit.
  4. Fair-traded: Not only what’s inside the coconut is important, but anything else contributing to its production. This includes the consumers, the community producing the coconuts, even the whole environment. As an “ecosystem-based business”, KOKóNAT commit to maintain the longevity of each aspect behind every bottle of coconut water.

Applying the standards below, KOKóNAT seek to serve quality-based beverage as standards for everyone, not exception. The all-natural products range from Pure Coconut Water, Pure Coconut Water with Coco Jelly, to Kokónat pudding. These can be seen at Kem Chicks Pacific Place, Ranch Market Outlets, WoollooMooloo, or through online order.


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