Why You Should Try Kusuk Batak

Wellness20 March 2018

By Ahda Arifa Ismail

Why You Should Try Kusuk Batak

Taking one step closer towards the complete luxurious traditional Indonesian spa experience, The Dharmawangsa Jakarta introduces “Kusuk Batak”; a wellbeing treatment inspired by the proud tribe of North Sumatra.

This spa treatment offers one-of-a-kind treatment with the involvement of traditional body steaming or oukup using traditional stove and herbs potion as starter. The most intriguing part of this step is the using of traditional ulos or an iconic cloth from the region as the body cover.

Without leaving its original philosophical components, this 2.5-hour beneficial spa is designed with the traditional ways and mannerism passed down for centuries in the Batak community. It has advantageous use to remove dead skin cells, nourish the new skin cells, increase blood pressure and restore the body’s metabolism.

Honoring the community’s ancient tradition, the “Kusuk Batak” spa starts from the head – which is believed to be the highest degree of a human – and also from the right part of the body onto the left, as the old sayings mention the right side is more courteous.

It then continues with a 60-minute “Kusuk Batak” body massage and face acupressure, and a 30-minute body scrub with black sticky rice scrub. The treatment concludes with a 15-minute herbal bath with the oukup herbs potion accompanied by a warming glass of ginger tea.


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