Who Stole our Attention at GIIAS

Men's Corner18 August 2017

By Larasati Oetomo

Who Stole our Attention at GIIAS

GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) returned this August for the 25th time since 1986. With 32 GAIKINDO-member car brands and 24 passenger vehicle brands joined the anticipated auto show of the country, it is really hard to focus our attention to just one, fine automobile.

10 days of public exhibition may not been enough to scrutinize every engineering masterpiece. Subtitled with "Rise of Future Mobility", the surprises did not only come from high-end manufactures - even a mini hatchback our daughters ride are rising towards smart mobility. If you have not been in that show, worry not. We list down our ultimate attention-stealers from the engineering showcase - from sports car, sleek passenger cars, restored legendary folk vehicle, to racing cars.


The face-lifted version of late Mercedes SLS AMG has always been a secret pleasure for petrolheads. It's just good to see the twin-turbo V8 sweetheart gently sweeps as F1 safety car.


A classic muscle car? Nope. A truck.

2017 VOLVO S90

The 290 series is among luxury sedans that pioneer semi-autonomous driving technology with widely-known 10/10 safety rating by professional reviewers.


Nicknamed GT86, this Toyota ranked #4 on sports car by US News & World Report. This not that typical Scion classic - mostly when you are in need of decent power from a 2.0L engine.


Exhibited for the first time, F2 racing car of Sean Gelael became one of the shiniest on the exhibition. The Pertamina Arden streetgear is promoted by the government as a support for Gelael's international racing career.

PHOTO: Isnu Dwimartanto (@yandauga) for HIGHEND