Wedding Theme Idea: Origami

Design12 January 2018

By Larasati Oetomo

Wedding Theme Idea: Origami

Be it for garden or garage party, colorful papers and pretty folds are a great idea to make your wedding unforgettable for the guests.

As the wedding trend for 2018 still resonates around rustic theme, natural and unpretentious materials will be enjoying their extended peak season in wedding parties. This time, we won't talk about copper, silver, woods, or wild flowers - the materials all-too-often found in rustic-themed parties. We go as far as to our childhood to discover the beautiful use of colorful papers (and, uhm, meticulous paper-folding skill) of origami.

Origami is a versatile material that can be used to basically everything in your wedding venue - starting from table setting, backdrop, decoration, to... bouquets. Here's some great ideas to follow:


The origami can be applied to details like invitation, souvenirs, canapes, cake mockery, to bouquets. These tiny applications are effective way to be all-in for your D-Day. Be sure to use consistent color palette and mix two or more types of paper to avoid being bland.


Of course we have that paper crane in our mind when we talk about origami-themed wedding party. Hanging thousands of paper crane is touche, but we can go as creative as giving slight touch on table setting and cloth folding, combining it with other materials like glass bottles, or upgrading the paper-folding skill to 3D/geometrical origami pieces.


Wall decoration or photo backdrop is your soft spot to bluff in indoor parties. For outdoor, greenish party, stay as simple as hanging hundreds of white cranes to fill the altar or arch.


The key to origami-themed party is to be all-out without looking trying too hard. Focus on one or two aspects in your party to fill with fancy papers and let the rest be mild enough to emphasize the presence of the folded papers.


Remember to keep your origami pieces well for recycle use.

Be alerted to volatile weather when taking the origami for a totally outdoor party. Indoor or tent party is considerably a safer choice than taking the risk of raining.