We Visited BMDERMA Clinic

Beauty29 April 2019

By Vanya Gabriela

We Visited BMDERMA Clinic

Located in Sunter, the newly-relocated BMDERMA Clinic is a professional dermatologist center lead by Dr. Deasy Lius Sp, KK.

It offers expert solutions for your skin, face, body and hair needs. Through advanced, clinically-proven technology and medical-grade products, they pride themselves on their quality customer service and expertise within the BMDERMA team. “We believe in offering safe medical procedures with minimal risks as well as downtime.” answered Dr. Patricia Tupang, one of three BMDERMA clinic doctors.

The new clinic emits a chic and elegant vibe; the interior is beautifully designed with a hint of rose gold to add feminine glamour to the clinic. The warm pink walls are adorned with a wave of colourful paintings that are strategically placed throughout the clinic.

BMDERMA is the only clinic in Jakarta that provides full-range body treatments focused on body contouring; a procedure that helps in eliminating and reducing excess skin as well as fat on the body. “Our goal is to reshape and tone parts of the body to give it a more defined and lean look.

We want our client to get the best result in the most effective and convenient way. Which is why we become the first in North Jakarta to bring you the latest CoolSculpting machine to help freeze and loose your fat away permanently. This procedure is best followed by EMSculpt treatment that tones up your muscles and last but not least the BTLExilisElite treatment to tighten your skin naturally. The machines are all FDA approved and treatments are painless as well as highly effective. No surgery, no recovery time, no restrictive diets and results are noticeable as well as long lasting- so you'll look sculpt from every angle.” explained Dr. Patricia.

What differentiates BMDERMA’s body contouring treatment from other clinic is the doctor’s expert examination in determining each patient’s needs. Dr. Deasy; Head Doctor of BMDERMA explained, “The doctor’s ability to examine and the right placement of the coolsculpting device are two main factors that will impact on the result after treatment. At BMDERMA, we treat each patient differently. Every patient will only get treatments that match their problems, and it will eventually end with the best result.”

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