We Rated the Best Assistant
Caroline Giovanie
02 August 2018

With the world of Artificial Intelligence skyrocketing, you can practically have an assistant anywhere with a device, like the Google Assistant.

Since actually having Artificial Intelligence operating fully in Indonesia, can we just enjoy the very practical use of voice-command smart assistant? With many tech moguls releasing their own version of smart assistant, we still land our heart for Google Assistant. Here’s how.

Who’s the straight-A’s boy?

The Google Assistant is somewhat smarter than Alexa, that’s what we learn. After you give a command, it continues to listen to you, so you don’t have to repeatedly call its name (No more “Hey, Google? Google? Are you asleep? Oh b******s”). It also allows customizable routines so you can command multiple smart home devices at once.

Watch your language,*cough*, please.

An issue that was raised with devices like Alexa was that it didn’t require children to use their manners when commanding. Google Assistant requires your kids to say “please” when they give a command. This will not only help them becoming tech savvy, but mannered as well.

What do you mean I have another weekly meeting tomorrow?

Moreover, the Google Assistant now has a feature that allows you to input your schedule. It can remind you of your appointments and keep track of what you have planned for the week.

PHOTOS Courtesy of Google