Travel: Lake is the New Beach

Travel23 May 2018

By Annisa Laksmintari

Travel: Lake is the New Beach

It’s not surprising for wanderlusts to plan a trip to the beach when they yearn for views of the deep blue, and yet, the lakes of the world can provide panoramas as beautiful, if not more, than the coast of the sea.


Lake Moraine

Though only half the size of neighboring Lake Louise, another popular attraction in Banff National Park, many have remarked that Lake Moraine is even more scenic. Popular outdoor activities to do in Lake Moraine include trail hiking on the Rockpile Trail and Lakeshore Trail, as well as canoeing.

Emerald Lake

Tucked away in Yoho National Park, British Colombia, Emerald Lake is a prime destination for canoeing in the summer, and cross country skiing in the winter. The green-hued lake is surrounded by some of the Rockies most impressive peaks, namely the President Range, Mount Burgess and Wapta Mountain. The region is also home to varieties of tiny, fragile wild Orchids that survive only in balanced conditions.


Lake Como

In addition to Italian VIPs, Hollywood’s top names have frequented Lake Como, some even owning homes on the beautiful shores.  Shaped like an upside-down Y, the vibrant lake is also known for its dramatic scenery, which one can enjoy with a leisurely boat ride. The steep hills as well as the opulent villas and their gardens, perched on the water’s edge, will make perfect backdrops to your photographs.

Lake Garda

Those who marvel at the mountains could take pleasure in hang-gliding, paragliding and mountain biking here. The lake itself is the place to go for every water sport you can think of, from windsurfing to pedalos. Try to visit to historical buildings such as the Venetian neogothic Villa Borghese Cavazza on Isola de Garda, Scaligero Castle, and the ruins of an ancient villa Grotto of Catullus.


Lake Wanaka

Lake Wanaka is home to a tree so famous it scrounged up its own hashtag on the internet. The Wanaka tree, the lone tree that grew in the middle of Lake Wanaka, is perhaps the most photographed tree in New Zealand. To get a bird’s eye view from the lake, take the 3-hour ascent to the summit of Mount Roy, aptly named Roy’s Peak, which also encompasses a view of the majestic Mount Aspiring.

Lake Tekapo

Turquoise water of the vast lake is beautifully framed with New Zealand's tallest peak, Aoraki/ Mount Cook in the background. At night, the dark, clear sky is starlit. The Mackenzie region is nearly free from light pollution, so dark that it has been honored as the Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve. It is one of only eight in the world, and the world’s biggest.